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  • Concert

Quatuor Voce / Miksi & Pygmalion

  • Sunday 11 June | 15:00
    Domaine de Nodris
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Sarah Dayan, violin
Cécile Roubin, violin
Guillaume Becker, viola
Lydia Shelley, cello

A French quartet founded in 2004, the Voce never cease to surprise us. After silent films, partnerships with the singer M and the choreographer Thomas Lebrun, and their new artistic direction of the Rendez-vous des princes in the South Ardèche, their latest album, Poétiques de l’instant, features Claude Debussy, Maurice Ravel and Yves Balmer. It was awarded a Diapason d’or for the “irresistible evidence” of their playing and a diamond from Opéra magazine. For this double closing concert of Vibre! they decided to contrast the Five Pieces for String Quartet by the Czech composer Erwin Schulhoff with Ravel’s unique quartet. On the one hand, the atmosphere is one of dance, in the effervescence of the Roaring Twenties. But Schulhoff, a veteran of World War I, adds to the picture the grating irony and violence of a world turned upside down. In the French camp, Ravel completed his first attempt at chamber music in 1903, and leaned more towards the sharpness of the lines, the motoric rhythms and the effervescence of the melodies. Two antagonistic atmospheres that will allow us to hear the palette of Sarah Dayan, Cécile Roubin, Guillaume Becker and Lydia Shelley, specialists in subtle alliances, fervent defenders of a “polymorphous and adventurous” quartet, will not miss the appointment.

Program :

Maurice Ravel, String Quartet in F major
Erwin Schulhoff, Five pieces for string quartet



Wild violin making consists of making instruments with what we find (or what we look for) in our bins. It is part of a zero waste approach that goes against the consumer society and its numerous environmental impacts.

Inspired by the low-tech movement and artists such as Staff Benda Bilili, Konono N°1 or Kokoko, the musicians of the collective teach participants of all ages and levels to transform waste into string, wind and percussion instruments. These workshops allow participants to discover creative recycling and the use of tools.


At the crossroads between Balkan sounds and baroque music

Artur Zeqiri, Albanais – violin, singing (Miksi)
Nicolas Lescombe, Bordelais – clarinet, arrangement and coordination (Miksi)
Ebrahim Ahmadi, Kurde – daf and vocals (Miksi)
Thomas Mazellier, Bordelais – beat maker and violin (Miksi)
Yamen Al Yamani, Syrien – cello(Miksi)
Julien Léonard,  viola da gamba (Pygmalion)
Myriam Rignol, viola da gamba (Pygmalion)

Miksi, “mixture” in Esperanto, is the meeting of two musicians from Bordeaux, Thomas Mazellier on violin and Nicolas Lescombe on clarinet, and three refugee instrumentalists from Albania (Artur Zeqiri, violin), Iranian Kurdistan (Ebrahim Ahmadi, percussion) and Syria (Yamen Al Yamani, cello). Their languages separate them, but music brings them together around the common project of highlighting their respective cultures by reinventing them. Not forgetting one’s origins while learning the customs of a new country was a major challenge for these instrumentalists who had just arrived in France. From improvisation to improvisation, the Iranian daf learns the Albanian Kaba (a word meaning “powerful” in Turkish), jazz and the classical repertoire. For Mosaïque, the Miksi have asked Julien Léonard and Myriam Rignol, two gambists from the magnificent baroque ensemble Pygmalion, and the minimalist polyphony vocal trio Tsanta to join them. At the crossroads of countries, genres, traditions and eras, between Balkan sounds, songs in regional languages, minuets and continuous bass, these musicians take us on a journey with one common thread, their immense joy in playing together.