After a successful International Competition in 2022, VIBRE ! is once again coming to the Bordeaux metropolis and the Médoc for a major String Quartet Festival.

Long accused of elitism, the string quartet has become one of the most lively and creative musical expressions in recent years, with young ensembles carrying this art of shared instrumental excellence high.

Under the impetus of the Modigliani Quartet, Vibre ! continues its pioneering spirit by weaving together the most prestigious French and international ensembles with promising young musicians, and by taking over venues dedicated to classical music or more unexpected ones.

A residency for young quartets, Vibre ! has selected four young European quartets who are invited to perform on stage and benefit from workshops and master classes of a new kind.

Among the highlights of Vibre ! will be the opening of the Festival on 26 May with the Leonkoro Quartet, which made its mark on the 2022 edition of the International Competition by winning the 1st Grand Prize as well as the Public and Young Audience Prizes.

The Modigliani Quartet invites the public on 27 May to celebrate its 20-year career on the stage of the Bordeaux Opera Auditorium, which will also host a concert on 4 June by one of the great quartets of today, the Jerusalem Quartet. Driven by a genuine desire for innovation and openness, Vibre ! likes to break away from labels and invites new dialogues between different artistic forms (hip-hop dance, literature, traditional and world music…) and invites reflection during round tables and meetings with the public. The Garage Moderne will host a highlight of the Festival focused on the intimate vibration that unites musicians and their instruments.

A series of cultural mediation activities as well as a pricing policy designed for all reinforce the accessibility of a festival that is above all open and convivial, designed to help as many people as possible discover the extraordinary musical repertoire of the string quartet.

From 26 May to 11 June, 15 concerts will be held in Bordeaux, the Metropolitan area and the Médoc, bringing together 50 musicians and artists to be discovered or rediscovered in a Festival where music belongs to everyone.


Julien Kieffer, Director
Le Quatuor Modigliani, Art Director

VIBRE ! the string and body quartet!

When the world trembled with fever at a rampant virus, or fear at the resurgent war in Ukraine, music was a refuge as well as a pillar of our culture. Despite the blows of ever-increasing competition for our attention in a hyper-connected digital civilisation, music has continued to reinvent itself in order to rethink aesthetic boundaries… to the point of becoming an “essential good” in times of crisis.

Vibre ! invites us on an intimate journey into the imagination of composers and musicians, where the string quartet is a permanent innovation favouring new experiences, a music producing an emotion that addresses the whole being.

Vibre ! is also a daring bet to support the emergence of young talent, to foster a dialogue between aesthetics outside the classical paths of music. So let’s bet together on a new exceptional vintage with this 11th edition which will radiate in Nouvelle-Aquitaine… See you on May 26th to feel the breath of this creative freedom!

Alain Rousset
President of the Conseil Régional de Nouvelle-Aquitaine


For this new edition, the Vibre ! festival offers concerts of excellent quality both in Bordeaux and in the Gironde region, particularly in areas that are far from cultural facilities.

in the Gironde region, particularly in areas that are far from the cultural offer. The high-flying programme brings together emerging and established artists in a multi-disciplinary approach and a spirit of openness to an ever-growing number of audiences. Partnerships with social centres, EPAHDs and schools are opportunities to make classical music more accessible.

The values defended by the festival are therefore totally consistent with the departmental priorities of public accessibility to cultural offerings, and support for emerging artists and creation in all its forms. We are therefore very happy to support this festival, which continues to demonstrate its ability to reach out to the region while guaranteeing an indisputably high standard of artistic excellence.

Jean-Luc Geyze
President of the Département de la Gironde


Bordeaux Metropole re-VIBRE alongside the artists in 2023!

The Vibre ! String Quartet Festival returns, to our great pleasure, from 26 May to 11 June.

Bordeaux Metropole is proud to encourage the artistic and musical talents of the territory through this annual event. Aware of the importance of the cultural economy in the metropolis and beyond, Bordeaux Metropole pays particular attention to supporting flourishing cultural events that thrill all generations. From the heart of the University of Talence to the Agora or the Musée de la Mer, the magic of music can be found in the most atypical cities and places.

This event brings together countries, cultures, traditions and sounds.
This year, Europe is in the spotlight with the representation of Quartet artists from the East to the West of our continent. This is a remarkable, unifying event, at a time when sharing, benevolence and solidarity are becoming symbols of freedom and fraternity. It is through numerous multidisciplinary events combining concerts, conferences and awareness-raising workshops that the music of Vibre! inspires this Free music that we so much like to share.

Vibre ! will make us dance, sing and move around in 15 concerts. Let’s enjoy it!

Alain Anziani
President of Bordeaux Métropole


The new edition of  Vibre !, a string quartet festival, returns to enchant the spring in Bordeaux.

After a delightful year of international competition in 2022, this festival is committed to combining an ambitious, eclectic and open-minded artistic programme with a range of cultural mediation activities that promote inclusion and a wide variety of audiences.

The remarkable artistic direction of the Modigliani Quartet will not fail to enchant the public with its numerous local and international guests, and to celebrate its 20 years of existence as it should, on 27 May at the Auditorium of the Opera.

I would like to pay tribute to the work of the entire festival team, which has managed to reinvent this event, which is eagerly awaited by music lovers, and which plays an active role in promoting young talent and the cultural vitality of our city.

I wish you all an excellent festival!

Pierre Hurmic
Mayor of Bordeaux