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Become a volunteer

Become the face of the festival and its values.

By joining the team of volunteers, you will be the face of this festival and its values. You will be able to discover the other side of a great cultural event by helping us with different missions:

Mediation, for the most sociable and fanatical of the programme,

The welcome of the public if you like to take care of others!

The logistics and the welcome of the artists for those who have a sense of detail, and who are good at everything!

Not to mention the artistic times, meetings and festive times in which you will have the opportunity to participate. It is therefore a rich experience synonymous with meeting and sharing that we offer you!


For details and registration via the google form, this is where it happens:

Access to the form will be possible from February 2021.

After registering, come and attend the information meeting for volunteers, the date of which will be announced shortly.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

By mail : contact@vibrefestival.com