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The Great Masters of String Quartet (Jury concert)

  • Thursday 12 May | 20:00
    Auditorium de l’Opéra National de Bordeaux
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Martin Beaver, violin – Quatuor de Tokyo
Ori Kam, viola – Quatuor de Jérusalem
Veronika Hagen, viola –  Quatuor de Jérusalem
Gabriel Le Magadure, violin – Quatuor Ebène
Antoine Lederlin, cello – Quatuor Belcea
Momo Kodama, piano
Nicolas Baldeyrou, clarinet


A cosmopolitan program for an international jury of world renown! Great names of chamber music, and for five of them representatives of the greatest international quartets, Martin Beaver (ex Tokyo Quartet), Veronika Hagen (Hagen Quartet), Ori Kam (Jerusalem Quartet), Antoine Lederlin (Belcea Quartet), Gabriel Le Magadure (Ebony Quartet) will be accompanied by Momo Kodak (Ebony Quartet), and by the
Jerusalem), Antoine Lederlin (Quatuor Belcea), Gabriel Le Magadure (Quatuor Ébène) will be accompanied by Momo Kodama (piano) and Nicolas Baldeyrou (clarinet).

They will let us hear the inventiveness of a Dvořák writing for an unusual trio of two violins and a viola, before going to Austria to admire Mozart playing bowling with the Von Jacquin brothers, clarinetist and pianist respectively. It was during one of these games that the Viennese composer would have imagined the Trio KV 498, known for its balance of timbres. Prokofiev will trace paths between Russia, America and Yiddish music with his Overture, composed for a group of Jewish musicians exiled in New York at the beginning of the 20th century who had given him a book of melodies.

The clarinet, a narrative instrument par excellence and prima voce in particular in klezmer music, develops all its flavors, accompanied by the rhythmic tension of the piano and the miniature orchestra of strings. The concert will end in Germany, with Schumann confronting this “music even more musical” which is for him the chamber music and which integrates, after his first quartets, the piano, instrument of his wife Clara. A work that is both learned and full of a desire to emancipate himself from traditional forms, the Quintet moves from shadow to light, from funeral march to lullaby, taking us to the heights.


Program :

Antonín Dvořák

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Sergueï Prokofiev

Robert Schumann