After a very promising first edition in 2021 under the artistic direction of the Quatuor Modigliani, the musical event Vibre! returns to enchant the spring in Bordeaux. In a project, generous and open to excellence as well as to emerging talents the festival team shapes stimulating multidisciplinary proposals around the rich repertoire of the of the string quartet.

I wish to salute here a creative dynamic which is concerned with solidarity and and accessibility to culture for as many people as possible, with attractive rates and inclusive approaches to awareness and mediation. A link between the young generations of musicians and the great prestigious stages, the festival has taken on an international dimension: the Modigliani Quartet now directs the International String Quartet Competition, prestigious reference of the chamber music created in Bordeaux in 1999. I am delighted with the ambition of Vibre! to experiment new ways of “making culture together” in direct contact with the diversity of artistic forms and expressions.

I renew my full support to the Vibre! team, which contributes to making Bordeaux a creative, united and plural city, resolutely open to current practices.


Pierre Hurmic

Mayor of Bordeaux



Bordeaux Métropole Vibre alongside the artists! After two years at a standstill, in hybrid format or remote format, many enthusiasts and amateurs have missed many enthusiasts and amateurs, but above all many dreamers but especially to many dreamers, in search of discoveries and artistic discoveries and encounters as close as possible to our close to our talents.

Despite a difficult context, Bordeaux Metropole has remained committed to supporting culture on its territory. Bordeaux Metropole has maintained its subsidies and aid to associations, despite the cancellations. But above all, we have committed to a plan to support and revive the local economy with 2 million euros for culture.

Aware of the importance of the cultural economy in the metropolis and beyond its borders, Bordeaux Metropole is proud to support flourishing cultural events, which thrill our inhabitants, such as the one proposed by Vibre! Bordeaux International String Quartet Competition and Festival.

It is an event that brings together countries, cultures, traditions and sounds in THE music. At a time when sharing, benevolence and solidarity are becoming symbols of freedom, what better way than through music to embody these ideas. It is through many multidisciplinary times mixing concerts, conferences and awareness workshops, that the music of Vibre! will inspire this Free music that we like to share so much.

Enjoy the festival!


Alain Anziani

President of Bordeaux Metropole


Vibre! the Bordeaux International String Quartet Competition and Festival celebrates its tenth edition this year. Since its birth, it has carried the ambitions of openness, inclusiveness and innovation shared by the Department. The growing number of musicians and artists present, as well as the number of spectators, demonstrates the strong appeal of the event on a local and international scale.

The Competition and Festival route will allow you to meet young talents from all over the world. The musical vibrations will also be an opportunity to discover, in part, the richness of the Gironde region by taking you from the Bordeaux Metropolis to the Médoc. Your journey will be punctuated by a multidisciplinary program that values chamber music and the virtuosity of youth.

The Department is happy to support this major artistic event, contributing to make Gironde shine in the landscape of music without borders …

I wish you all a pleasant festival to the rhythm of the extraordinary musical repertoire of the String Quartet!



President of the Conseil départemental de la Gironde



Vibre! to sublimate freedom! 

I am very happy that the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region becomes a partner of the International Competition & Bordeaux International String Quartet Competition & Festival for this 10th anniversary edition.

However, as I write these lines, it is impossible to rejoice because the situation of Ukraine, which is existentially threatened in the integrity of its territory, in its very identity and in its culture, worries us all. Faced with the earthquake caused by this invasion decided by the Russian president, our Region has shown of its solidarity with “the heroic resistance shown by the government of Volodymyr Zelensky and all the Ukrainian people”.

As musicians, you are particularly attached to cultural diversity, creative freedom and dialogue between cultures. We therefore call for the full support of Ukrainian and Russian artists who are opposed to this war.

Defending art and culture and defending freedom, peace and human rights are two sides of the same humanist solidarity requirement, a requirement that we are committed to honouring together.


Alain Rousset

President of the Conseil régional de Nouvelle-Aquitaine


A new age for the quartet

For a long time accused of elitism, the world of the quartet has shown that it knows how to reinvent itself constantly, especially in France where the young generations of musicians of musicians now carry high this art of shared instrumental of shared instrumental excellence. Indeed, for thirty years, the French quartets have shown have shown to what extent this genre has become one of the of the musical life of our country.

The Quatuor Modigliani embodies this dynamism, since it was born of this collective movement and then chose to transmit, encourage and continue to work so that the world of the quartet remains alive and creative. Today recognized as one of the most incredible formations of our time, this quartet combines a form of classical elegance with a free and daring creativity.

The Opéra National de Bordeaux has chosen to partner with this group to show that this institution, too, wishes to live up to its prestigious heritage while reinventing itself, in order to be open to all forms of audience.

Together, the Opera and the Modigliani Quartet are mobilizing to show that the string quartet is no longer a genre of the elite. The quartet is not only chamber music: it is music in its purest form.


Emmanuel Hondré

General Director of the Opéra National de Bordeaux



May 2021 will have been a landmark date for Vibre!, the Bordeaux String Quartet Festival. After months without events, Vibre! had the honor and joy of being the first French music festival to open its doors to the public when the cultural venues reopened. Led for the first time by the Modigliani Quartet, it welcomed 50 musicians and artists for a series of concerts, conferences, and master classes, gathering more than 2500 spectators.

In 2022, Vibre! continues this pioneering spirit and doubles its event by organizing the tenth edition of the Bordeaux International String Quartet Competition. From May 9th, young talents from all over the world will come to defend their passion for chamber music, in the Auditorium of the Bordeaux National Opera. A rare opportunity for the public to discover the great quartets of tomorrow.

The festival continues to invite the greatest ensembles as well as young musicians to participate in the competition, by weaving a multi-faceted program that fervently promotes the richness of the string quartet repertoire. From classical moments to multidisciplinary events, all musical expressions find their place within Vibre! which likes to break away from labels. Vibre ! goes out to meet the public, sweeps away preconceived ideas and puts chamber music back at the heart of the Bordeaux metropolis, allowing itself a beautiful escape in the Médoc. A section of cultural mediation actions as well as a pricing policy designed for all reinforce the accessibility of a festival above all open and friendly.



Julien Kieffer, Director

The Modigliani Quartet, Artistic Director